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 A&W Root Beer Drive In Review

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     I love the A&W Root Beer Drive inn, it is great. They have car hop service, or you can eat outside at one of their tables. There arenít a lot of tables, maybe eight or so, and only a couple are under cover, so seating is pretty limited when the weather is bad. They really have quite a variety of foods ranging from a basic burger to a good shrimp and fries basket, and of course, lots of frosty mug root beer. You can also purchase souvenir mugs in either plastic, or heavy glass. The food is really good, with generous portions, and the novelty of the carhop service is worth a visit by itís self.
    Unlike most of the REST of the businesses in Lake George, they have a sign on their restrooms which says EVERYONE is WELCOME!  This is also the place to go if you need ice for your cooler.  I get bags of ice here for about a dollar a bag.  It takes them a little while because they fill the bags them selves from their ice machine, but such a great price is well worth the wait.  I highly recommend A&W for the great atmosphere, service, prices, and the awesome food.  Call A&W at 518-668-4681.  They are open from May through September, and are located on the North bound side of Rt. 9, at the Southern end of the village.