Revised Mar 5th/05

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    Over the years I have gone on many camping trips, both good and bad, and I have learned a great deal.  In this guide, I will try to share some of the lessons and tricks I have learned over the years.
    My tips are divided into two categories: Tips to use before you leave (choosing gear, preparing gear, etc.), and tips to use while you are camping (setting up your tent, cooking, etc.).

Before You Leave

While You are Camping

A list of all of my camping gear Tips on cooking at the campsite

Making a 12v lighting system

How to set up a camping living room for a little relaxation at camp

Choosing and using tarps

Some general tips about tenting

All the different types of tent pegs, and when to use them

All about choosing & preparing your site, and setting up your tent

Types of tents, and how to choose the right one

Tips on using tie downs

Choosing cord, and making tied downs

Tips on lighting, maintaining, and using a camp fire