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Our fifth trip

    The fifth time that we went camping in Lake George was in 1994. The year before we had some problems with our car, and money was pretty tight so we only took a day trip to The Great Escape, and drove back home that night. Basically we got everything right during the fifth trip. We had a 1979 Chevy Malibu, which didn't have a lot of space in it, but we had a trailer which we carried most of our gear in. We had a 10' by 16' Coleman tent that my wife and I used, and an 8' x 10' American Camper tent that my mother used. We also had a 10' x 12' screen house, and everything was well covered with tarps. I set up extension cords, to carry 12v electric all over the campsite from the trunk of the car. We had electric pumps to fill the air mattresses, and electric lights for the tents, and hanging in the screen house (all 12v). We had a good supply of cooking gear, and plenty of food. I had a 104 quart cooler for food, and two 48 quart coolers. We used one for drinks, and the other for bread and other foods, just to keep them safe.
    We stayed for 8 nights, and we did have some rain, but being prepared kept us dry and comfortable. Basically this trip went exactly the way it was supposed to. Being a confident type of person I boldly proclaimed that was because we had already made all the mistakes there were to make, and the rest of our trips would go just as smoothly. Boy was I wrong :o)