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    If you have a business in the Lake George area, and would like to have it listed on this website, here is all you need to do:  Email me ( and ask to be listed.  Please include the name of your business, what your business does (it's a hotel, or a restaurant, etc.), your business address and phone number.  If you have a website, or email address for the business include that as well, and any other information you would like to have included in your listing.  Note that because of the format of my web pages, I don't always have the ability to include other information, but I'll fit it in if I can.  That's pretty much it.  There is NO charge for being listed on my website.  There is NO charge for providing a link from my site to your site.  Simply put, it's free, no strings, no gimmicks.  I don't run this website as a money making venture, it is there to help people plan a fun vacation in Lake George.  So there you have it, send me your information, and you'll be listed on my site in no time, and with no charge.