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 Goony Golf Review

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    Goony Golf is about the wackiest miniature golf course you are likely to come across.  There is no rhyme or reason to the theming of the different holes.  Each hole has it's own unique design, and scenery.  You will come across everything from trolls to a giant sea serpent, a ghost town, and a pirate ship.  Every hole is a different theme.  The play isn't terribly hard, so the kids enjoy the game as much as the scenery.  There are drink and candy machines scattered around the course in case you get hungry or thirsty, and plenty of benches in case you need to sit down.
    On the negative side, there is little to no shade, so it's a rough play during the day, however plenty of lighting makes this course great fun at night.  A few more minor negatives, like most mini golf courses, this is a beast with a stroller (it's built on a hill side), and forget taking a wheel chair through it.  If you have kids that are too small to walk you might be better off having someone watch them while you play.  Aside from the soda and candy machines, there is no other food / drink available here.  One final thing, this course gets REALLY busy, especially at night, which is the best time to play here, so expect to have a bit of a wait, perhaps as much as an hour on the summer weekends.
    All that being said, the course really is worth the wait.  The scenery is awesome, and whimsical.  Kids of all ages will love it.  In addition to the Golf Course, there is also a small arcade to keep the kids happy for a while, and a "dark" walk through called the Magic Castle which should give the kids a good scare.  I went through this walkthrough a few years ago with my wife, and at 32 years old, it still gave me a surprise or two.  If you have teens that like a good scare, this is well worth the price of admission.  Finally there is the Small World gift shop which is one of the nicer gift shops in the Lake George area.  I like to visit Goony Golf / Magic castle on a week night, after supper.  I go through the gift shop, and let the kids play in the arcade for a while, and by the time we are done with that, it has cooled down enough that we can have fun on the golf course.  Goony Golf is located at the intersection of State Routes 9, and 9N, just South of the village of Lake George.  Give them a call at (518) 668-2589, or visit their website for more information.