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 House of Frankenstein Review

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    I've visited the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum many times over the years.  This is a great piece of nostalgia.  Most of the museum walkthrough isn't horribly scary.  It consists of dimly lit corridors, and old monster themed displays set behind glass windows.  Some are animated, others are static.  Most aren't terribly scary.  The one big thriller in this museum is a very dark room through which you must walk.  Part way into the room you trip a sensor that starts a strobe light.  At the same time, you see what look like bodies in white cloth bags hanging from the ceiling, and they begin to flail around some.  In addition, a loud recording of a chain saw revving up sounds.  I don't remember if there is screaming to go along with it or not.  At any rate, it's rough on the kids, and Franketstein-Sign.jpg (50825 bytes)can startle the adults too if they don't know it's coming.  There is also a room called the black hole which is based on the old Barrel of Bun.  This may not be the best choice for young children, or older kids that are very timid.  For those 12 and over, it shouldn't be a problem.  This is a great walkthrough, in the classic "Dark Walk Through" style, and is well worth the price of admission.  The House of Frankenstein is located at 213 Canada Street right in the heart of Lake George village.  Give them a call at (518) 668-3377 for more information, or visit their website.