Revised Mar 24th/05  

Tom's Lake George Site  Interactive Map

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Parking for Million Dollar Beach, and Picnic Area Lake George Steamboat Company 18 Holes Around the World mini golf Dr. Morbid's Haunted House The Pink Roof Fort William Henry Horse and Carriage Rides A close up view of this block.     This interactive map is a brand new feature I am developing for the website.  Brand new means it mostly isn't working yet :o)  That will change over time though.  The idea is you move the mouse over the map, and place the pointer on something you want to know more about.  When you see the pointer change to a hand, there is information available.  Click to open a page with information such as the name of the business, it's address, phone number, etc.  This gives you a chance to see where things are in relation to each other.  This Interactive map is a one of a kind, you aren't going to find this on any other Lake George site!

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