Revised Mar 8th/05


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 Lumberjack Pass Mini Golf Review

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    Lumberjack Pass is one of the newest miniature golf courses in the Lake George area.  This course has changed some since I first played it, and the changes have been for the better.  First off, I'll tell you what I don't like about this course.  It's built on a long hill.  For the first 9 holes you are playing downhill, then for the remaining 9 holes you are playing uphill.  There is NO shade, zip zilch nada, I mean it.  You are out in the sun for the entire 18 holes.  On a hot day this course could kill you, literally.  On top of that, it is really a challenging course.  Now it isn't as bad as it was when they first built it.  The first time I played this course, my ball was in the water everywhere.  They actually provide nets so you can fish your ball out of the water, and when the course was first opened, those nets were in constant use.  Over the years they have adjusted, and fine tuned the course quite a bit, and as a result, it is not nearly as hard now.  It is still quite difficult for even an adult to get par on the course without cheating a good bit, but at least you don't loose the ball in the water hazard on every hole now.
    I had to get the bad stuff out of the way first.  On to the positives.  First off, the course is nicely themed and landscaped.  It is a visually appealing course, without bells and sirens, and such.  It is a beautiful natural looking course.  It's well off the street, with plenty of parking, and I've never had to wait in a long line.  The snack bar has a good selection of ice cream, soda, and hot dogs and hamburgers.  The prices are reasonable, and the food is very good.  The rest rooms are about the cleanest public rest rooms I've ever been in.
    All in all, I have had a lot of fun playing mini golf here.  The big trick for me is to play on a cooler day, or play after the sun has gone down, and it isn't so hot out.  As long as you avoid playing this course in the hot sun, it's a beautiful, challenging course.  Give them a call at (518) 793-7141, or visit them on the internet.  Don't forget to print up a copy of their discount coupon (available on their website) and save $1.25 per player!