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Tom's Lake George Site  Magic Forest Review

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    The first time I visited Magic Forest with my daughter, I was not terribly impressed.  She was a bit too young for most of the rides and attractions, and I thought the day was a pretty big waste of money.  I have returned once every year, for the past several years, and my experiences have all been positive.  My daughter will be 10 this summer (2005)  when we visit Lake George, and I fully intend to visit Magic Forest again this year.

    The Magic Forest is a small park, nestled in the pine trees on a hill.  The park is kept VERY clean, and all the rides seem to be very well maintained.  There are reindeer, and some other small animals, a juggling show, a magic show, and a horse diving show to entertain everyone.  Rides include a huge spiral slide, a ferris wheel, tilt a whirl, a scrambler, a paratrooper, a mini roller coaster, and numerous little kids rides.  There is also a long train ride, and a tram ride with tons of scenery for the little ones.  A walk through nursery book area is also a favorite with the younger kids.

    The park has a small, but nicely stocked gift shop, and a snack bar with a decent variety of food.  The food offerings at the snack bar not only taste good, but the prices are reasonable.  Further more, you can bring a cooler with your own drinks and food into the park, something that is no longer allowed at The Great Escape.

    The park is small, but again, that is perfect for the little children that this park is geared toward.  If you have children between the ages of five and twelve, I would say that the Magic Forest is a PERFECT way to spend the day.  Stop by, give them a try, and tell the young man operating the ferris wheel that Tom from tomslakegeorgesite says hello :o)

    The Magic Forest is located on State Rt. 9 in Lake George, between Northway Exits 20 and 21, directly across Bloody Pond Road from the Wild West Town.  They are open daily from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm from late June through Labor Day.  You can call them at (518) 668-2448.  You can also see them on the internet at