Revised Nov 15th/06

Tom's Lake George Site  R J Annies Review

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NOTE: I have it on good authority that as of Nov. 12, 2006, R J Annies is closed.  Apparently, the owner of the building intends to open a shop of some sort in the location for 2007.  As of right now, it is unclear whether R J Annies is going out of buisiness, or will relocate.

   The wonderful aroma of R J Annies Caramel Corn wafts out onto Canada Street, drawing customers in to a shop full of hand made sweets and confections.  Chocolates made in the traditional Adirondack style, cotton candy, ice cream, frozen bananas, and plenty of other tasty treats to put a smile on your face.  I truly can't resist the chocolate and peanut covered frozen bananas, a sweet, cold treat on a summer day.  Visit R J Annies at 179 Canada Street, next to Mayard Center in the heart of Lake George Village for a treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth!