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Our sixth trip

    Our daughter, Krystal Lynn, was born on November 2nd 1994. When we went to Lake George in 1995 she was only 8 months old. We decided that was a bit too young to go camping, so we stayed at Fran Cove Motel. We returned to camping (sort of) again in 1995. On this trip it was my mother, my wife, our daughter, my moms friend Sue, my cousin Jaime, and her son Chuck. We decided to rent a trailer at the Lake George campsite and RV Park. While we did enjoy the campfires, and it was kind of nice to have a shower and potty right in the trailer (not to mention hot water, heat, and air conditioning) this still isn't my idea of camping. I will admit that it was a lot easier than trying to handle the little one on a campsite.