Revised Feb 28th/06

As of May 2007, the Sopranos Grill is closed.

Tom's Lake George Site  Sopranos Grill Review

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    The Sopranos Grill is one of the newest restaurants in the village.  They specialize in Italian / American cuisine.  The atmosphere is nice, and the service is good.  I felt that the prices were a bit high compared to some of the other offerings in the village, but not horrible.  The selection to me seemed a bit limited as well.  This was a decent meal, but not the best I've had in the village of Lake George.  Sopranos is on Canada Street, in the village of Lake George, near Mayard Center.  Note that they charge a gratuity for parties of 6 or more, and made the news when they had a customer arrested for refusing to pay the gratuity.