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    Lake George is my family's favorite vacation destination.  Most years we make a couple of short weekend visits, as well as spending two weeks vacation in Lake George. Every vacation that we have taken to Lake George has been filled with fun and excitement, fresh air, and good times.
    This page started life as my personal web page, and was set up for my own use, to organize all the information that I used to plan my summer trips to Lake George.  Over time the site grew larger, and more people started using it.  Eventually it became a lot more than just my personal web site.  It is important to me that all the visitors to my site know I do not get paid by anyone to maintain this site.  I pay for the hosting package, and do all the work on my own, so you are benefiting from impartial information.  There is no sponsorship, I'm not a member of the Chamber of Commerce, I don't even live in Lake George, I do this for my self, and for you, the visitors to this site.  There is no financial involvement in this site, and no outside influence.  If I tell you I don't like someplace, it's because I've been there and didn't like it.  If I tell you I do like someplace, it's because I've been there, and did like it, this site is that simple.
This is the web site that I wanted to find when I was planning my vacation!  This is THE source for Lake George vacation information.  During the planning of my vacations, and through my daily web surfing, I have placed all the information I have aquired about Lake George on this web site so any one planning a vacation in the area can find all they need to know in one convenient place.
    When I first started this site, very few of the Lake George businesses had their own web sites, so I placed a lot of their information on this site.  In recent years, many of the businesses and attractions in the Lake George area have set up their own web sites.  As a result of that, I have included links to many of their web sites here to help make your search easier, and have removed much of the business specific information which was very difficult for me to keep updated.
    Now you don't have to stay up half the night entering key words into search engines, and hoping to come up with just the right motel, Bed and Breakfast, or restaurant.  Just scan my listing, pick the one that suits you best, and see instantly if they have a web site, get their mailing address, telephone number, or even send an email. Often you can even make reservations on line.  This website will provide all the contact information you need, as well as my own in depth reviews of all the places I've visited in the Lake George area.
    In addition to all this information, I have hundreds of pictures from the Lake George area, showing many of the local attractions, so you can see what the area has to offer before you even visit.  You'll find information about transportation, news papers, local television channels, radio stations, churches, and tourism services.