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    Nestled in the foothills of the Adirondacks, "the Queen of American Lakes" is about sixty miles North of Albany New York, at the southern most end of the 2.5 million acre Adirondack Park which is protected as for ever wild by the New York State Constitution.

    Being nearly a mile wide, 32 miles long, and over 100 feet deep, the crystal clear waters of Lake George provide a home to many species of wild animal, as well as drinking water to many of it's shoreline communities, and a paradise play ground for thousands of tourists.

    Known by the Indians for it's pure waters, and natural beauty, Lake George has long been a favorite retreat for the wealthy. In 1895, at a cost of $110,000, a cable railway was built from the edge of Lake George Village, to the summit of Prospect Mountain where the Prospect Mountain House stood overlooking the beutifull Lake George, and commanding a view of more than a hundred miles of the surrounding country side.. The fare was 50 cents per passanger, which was pretty steep considering that average wages were around $3.00 per week. The line ran successfully for seven years before the novelty wore off, and business died off. The line was then sold back to the Otis brothers who originally built it. They continued to run the line for another year, at which time their original guarantee on the line expired, and they quickly shut it down. Multimillion-dollar retreats exist along the shores of Lake George, and among the surrounding foothills.

    Now the Lake George area is a prime vacation destination for people from all walks of life, and many of these once private facilities are now operated as Bead and Breakfasts, or Resorts, open to the public, for a price. Rich in beauty, Lake George can provide a relaxing country setting, but open the gates to the amusement park, and you'll witness all the excitement of the big city, in the faces of the young, and the young at heart.